Mind Reading With Dice

-With eyes closed, you can guess the number of dice that is thrown by the volunteers.

1. Ask for volunteers to throw a dice twice. Make sure it remembers the two numbers that come out.

2. Ask him to multiply two numbers, which first appeared dice, then add the result by 5.

4. Multiply 5 results obtained in point number 2, and ask her to add the results from the numbers that appear on the second toss of the dice.

5. If so, ask him to mention the total results he obtained. Say you can read the mind of the volunteers through the emotions that emanated when he uttered these final results.

6. When he mentioned the result, subtract the result to 25 in your heart. You will get 2 digit number. The first digit is the result of the first dice roll, the second digit indicates the results of the second dice roll.

Example: the first dice roll 6, the second 3

1. 6x2 = 12, 12 +5 = 17, 17x5 = 85. 85 +3 = 88 (the volunteers mention this figure). 88-25 = 63 (in your heart). The first digit 6, the second digit 3
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